Habanero Sombrero

A Website Redesign

Habanero Sombrero

This is a website redesign for Habanero Sombrero. I changed all the colours from the website (black and white) to a more colourful and vibrant theme because I want to show the Mexican culture.

I made the header and footer shaped like a half taco and the body that contains the menu is also shaped like it to maintain the consistency. To add more texture on the background, I added a paper on it because tacos are usually served/ wrapped with it!

There are also papel picado or Mexican flags on it just to add more character. Spices, sauces or condiments are also important in this kind of food so I decided to add a fun looking background on it just to make it more fun and lively. Overall, there is a fiesta vibes on this site redesign.

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